24 Hours

Success! I’ve survived my first 24 hours since I pressed create for a sugarbaby’s diary.


I’ve done my homework, and the blog gods of the internet world have mentioned not to over post with unnecessary posts. And I promise this will be the only odd post (hopefully).

But slightly on topic, lets call him Anthony. Anthony facebook messaged me with a ‘Heyy.’. How Anthony and I got acquainted will be known later. For now, we’re new friends. So, I told him I had started a blog and being a friendly kind of guy he asked to see it. And having only just become acquainted I immediately hesitated to let him know about what I’ve done. No way would he believe this was all fiction and a persona I had made up in my head. To me, this all is too realistic to fake. At least from my point of view. So, I made the excuse ‘it’s not 100% ready yet. I’ll show it to you once it’s done.’.

1960s Ivy League students girl and boy talking

I want to share my creation, but at the same time it’s very hard to share what I’ve done. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed about it, I just know it will be very hard for many to understand. Especially newly formed friends.




  1. …I would be in two minds. I’ve been blogging for almost three years and I’ve never, ever shown any of my friends my blog. I just like having my own “private” space.

    If he’s a new friend then showing him this blog can either go two ways:
    1} He really IS a sweet guy and he will understand/not care about what you do and you guys will become better friends, orrrrr
    2} He’ll freak out and not know how to deal with it.

    Given that he’s a male, number two probably won’t happen but it might be a little bit of an ‘information overload’ if he doesn’t know about this part of your life yet. I say give it a little more time and let him get to know you for you and then eventually give him the link if you feel comfortable. My theory always is this: if you have to ask someone about it then you aren’t ready to do it yet.

    Good things take time ;]

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