Seeking Arrangment wasn’t working to well. Besides Oliver, all I had to choose from was a very young (in comparison to the hundreds of other 40-50 year old men), clingy Italian man and a couple of 40 married, slightly heavy men. I Googled ‘Sugar Daddy’ again and searched for a new website to sign up to, expand my search for a sugar daddy.

Seeking Arrangement caught my eye. I remember reading about it in a blog and a couple of internet reviews all recommending it. I had always thought it was an American website, but it was actually international. It was quite impressive; it was available to almost all countries around the world. The sign up was very simple at first glance, email, password and birthday. I filled those in quickly and it led me to a very long questionnaire to fill in. A part of me really didn’t want to go through another long questionnaire about myself, but most of the longer questions I had already wrote a response for SugarDaddyMeet. It didn’t actually take that long, and before I knew it, I sent my profile through for approval and uploaded the same photos I used for SugarDaddyMeet. I received instant access to the rest of the website but I wasn’t able to search. The confirmation email I received explained I needed my profile to be verified and approved before I could start searching, including two appropriate photos. Seeking Arrangement seemed more thorough, their website advertised verification of all members.


It took two days for my profile to go through. Once my profile and photos got approved the emails started pouring in again. There was ‘Papabear’ a 50 something year old ‘pappy looking for a baby’. Gross isn’t it? Then I got a wink and a ‘Hello’ email from John who gave me permission to view his private photos. He only had one photo uploaded, a cropped image of his large, hairy beer gut stomach and oddly large brown nipples. And finally, a line up of men who used very old photos of themselves. There were those who took a photo of a photo with the flash still on, and there were those who scanned their old fashion print out photos. Seeking Arrangement wasn’t offering anything different to SugarDaddyMeet, it was just a little more professional.

Among all the emails from SugarDaddyMeet and SeekingArrangement a flagged ‘important’ email popped up. It was Oliver. I had marked all his emails as important and any future emails from him would stand out.

…No .. I’ve never had a sugarbaby before. Have you ever had a sugardaddy? 
Oh right .. how much time does escorting take up? I really wouldn’t know I can say in all honesty. So sugardaddymeet was a happy compromise for you? I’m afraid you probably have got offers of financial assistance greater than mine?  

Oliver x 
PS .. here is another pic if you like! It was taken recently in Solomon Islands .. 
He didn’t explain why he hadn’t replied at his normal time but his casual reply soothed away the crazy scenarios I had pictured. It was late when I read the reply, I was relieved he had finally responded but exhausted with my side search for other sugar daddies. I took a peak at the photo he attached and almost jumped for joy. I still to this day don’t know what it was exactly that made this photo amazing, but I think it may have been the realness of the photo. A cloudy beach day, the wind passing through the trees in back and his hair. A wide eyed smile and casual beach wear. It was a little unfocused, the photo was probably taken by someone who didn’t really know how to use cameras. A very realistic photo of a very possible Sugar Daddy.

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