Lets Talk Guys


BEFORE YOU READ: Girls only, don’t say I didn’t warn you boys.

Now a days, technology has become such a strong part of sex. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about vibrators, rather dating websites, Facebook, eharmony, Tinder, Blendr, seriously the list is long. It is so easy to add an application onto my phone, sign up, add a few pretty pictures and pick and choose some random guy who is more than happy to, how should I put it, fuck you.

WARNING: I’m not saying all guys are pigs, there’s quite a lot of very nice, genuine, decent guys. But I’m going to have to put it out there, a lot of you are pigs, or will be a pig during some stage of your life. Women, you’re no different too but replace pig with crazy bitch.

Now I wasn’t abused by a male relative or anything like that, I’ve just met so many guys who play the ‘nice guy role‘ all to help themselves not feel like an asshole, while completely screwing with my unguarded feelings. So over the many years of dealing with this, I’ve built a wall. I’m rude, straight forward and bossy, and apparently guys still like that. I tell them to take their pants off, they’ll do it. I tell them to put on my bright pink dress, they’ll do it. I tell them to make a fool out of themselves, they’ll still do it. I don’t understand why, maybe they think I will exchange all this for some sex, maybe they think they have the upper hand. Either way, rude, obnoxious and whiny works better than sweet, soft and cute.

So getting to the point, I don’t have one. I’m just fed up with assholes, nice guys who are really assholes, nice guys who act nice but are unintentionally assholes. It seems I prefer straight forward assholes. The guys who straight up will tell me, I just want sex and I’m going to use you for it. See that’s okay with me. At least he’s warned me, no feelings get in the way. But the ones who talk to you, get to know you, give a little about themselves to you, take you out for lunch, meet your friends, drive you home. It’s those guys you need to watch out for. His intentions will still be sex and using you for it, but he’s too scared of coming off as an asshole so he’ll just act like a gentleman. Then he’ll send you a ‘DICK PIC’ one random morning because this process is taking too long.

At least my sugar daddy’s were straight forward and our arrangements were clear. Plus I got a lot of money out it. These other guys, all I’ve gotten from them is…nothing, well except for Chlamydia.




24 Hours

Success! I’ve survived my first 24 hours since I pressed create for a sugarbaby’s diary.


I’ve done my homework, and the blog gods of the internet world have mentioned not to over post with unnecessary posts. And I promise this will be the only odd post (hopefully).

But slightly on topic, lets call him Anthony. Anthony facebook messaged me with a ‘Heyy.’. How Anthony and I got acquainted will be known later. For now, we’re new friends. So, I told him I had started a blog and being a friendly kind of guy he asked to see it. And having only just become acquainted I immediately hesitated to let him know about what I’ve done. No way would he believe this was all fiction and a persona I had made up in my head. To me, this all is too realistic to fake. At least from my point of view. So, I made the excuse ‘it’s not 100% ready yet. I’ll show it to you once it’s done.’.

1960s Ivy League students girl and boy talking

I want to share my creation, but at the same time it’s very hard to share what I’ve done. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed about it, I just know it will be very hard for many to understand. Especially newly formed friends.